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See the Top Ten Tallest Bridges in the World [Russky Bridge in RUSSIA is #2, Guess #1]

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1 ViaducdeMillau_france-1024x682As we know the earth is not smooth everywhere  due to numerous cliffs, gorges and canyons so sometimes it is difficult to move from one place to another without any hurdle quickly.

So people learned how to build the Bridges which made it easy for people to move easily from one place to other without problems and saved their time.

Basically Bridges are great way to connect two cities, countries or just two ways, they help a lot and facilitate us to reach our destination as soon as possible without any interruption which is for a while faced during normal road tracks journey.

The highest and tallest bridges are ranked by their structure size but and annually a list is prepared showing the length and height of these tallest paths designed for connecting paths.

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