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5 Most Fashionable Ghanaian First Ladies Over the Years [See PHOTOS]

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4 John+Kufuor+Theresa+Mensah+President+Mrs+Bush#3:. Theresa Kuffour

The ‘Gentle Giant’s’ wife Madam Theresa Kuffuor was well recognised for her ‘third piece’ a folded cloth that she draped on her hand or shoulder. There is hardly any picture of Madam Theresa without a third piece. For one thing, our mother Theresa knew how to pick colours that did complement her complexion.

One of her most unforgettable dresses was the three-piece Kaba and Slit she wore to the dinner at the White House when George Walker Bush was president of the United States. The Kente pattern really did complement the style of her dress. Mama Theresa loved to flaunt her beautiful grey streaked hair which touched her shoulders. There were days that she would wrap it or even pin up her hair into a beautiful bun. Her accessories did complement her style, she was mostly seen in jewellery made with traditional beads.

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