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EXPOSED! Top 10 Successful Ghanaian Celebrities Who are Single Mothers

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6 afia_schwarBefore I start, “born-one” is a Ghanaian term used to describe a woman with a kid.

Women have many fears and the peak of their fears is giving birth outside wedlock or giving birth before marriage. In Africa or Ghana, most women who give birth at early ages virtually kill all their dreams, mostly their lives end in jeopardy or misery. Most of them are unable to continue their education and their dreams of ever finding a good job, being successful or getting married are shattered.

In the Ghanaian entertainment industry, most of our successful women have tried their best NOT to make this situation tie them down. They have pulled themselves together and followed their dreams even after birth at an early age. As such, I choose to call them wonder women for not allowing the “born-one” situation to tie them down.

Let’s take a look at a couple of wonder women we have in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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