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5 Powerful Tips on How to Use Twitter To Find a Job – TAKE A LOOK

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twitter-job-search1#1:. Create a professional Twitter Account

It is true that a platform like Twitter is called a “Social Networking” site, but equally true is the fact that it is a NETWORKING site and the rules that guide networking must be adhered to or else one might be caught and lost in the ‘socializing’ aspect at the expense of the ‘networking’, which can help one secure a job. Here the advice is that you put forward a professional posture through your Twitter profile.

Let your account speak for you in the areas of your skills and qualifications. Use your short introduction of yourself to point attention to your profession. If you are an accountant, say it in the introduction and mention where you work. If you have any online link that showcases what you have done in this regard, a blog for example include it in the profile.

Experts are of the opinion that you should even have more than one account on Twitter, one professional and the other(s), personal, which can be used to project your other areas of life interest. Other expert view says, you should consider your Twitter account as your online business card. What would you like to be on your business card? Those are the information that your professional Twitter account should carry.

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