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10 Reasons Women Go Into Lésbiánism [….Nos. 3, 6 & 8 will shock you]

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1 black-lesbian-coupleThese days, there are more lesbians and bis exuals than there are straight women and many can’t fathom why this is so. Africa has been labelled as an anti-homos exual continent with many countries calling for the head of lesbians and homos exuals.

Many arguments have been raised in light of these with some saying it’s natural and that homos exuals are born this way, unfortunately we don’t believe in this since there’s no evidence of a gene that can make one a homos exual though scientists have tried very hard to prove it’s existence.

We believe it’s something that is learned and society contributes to this in many ways. A man is born a man and a woman is born a woman until somebody or something pushes them into the habit.

We took our pen and paper and stepped out to do a little research about this and the reasons women end up lesbians. The results were interesting and so take your time and go through, 10 reasons why women go into Lésbiánism. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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