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Guys Here are the 10 Features that Make Windows 10 a Great Upgrade

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0Windows 10 has been with us for a week now. Well, at least on an official basis since there are at least 5 million Insiders out there that were actively involved in helping Microsoft test the operating system long before it was made available to everyone. Even as the upgrade continues rolling out to everyone, I’ve been using the operating system for my day-to-day tasks since day one and I have a few things that I like and some that I don’t about Microsoft’s latest version of its Windows operating system.

Thanks to not owning a convertible, there are some features of Windows 10 (mostly touch-based) like Continuum that I am yet to experience so I am not able to tell personally if they work as advertised or they are plagued by endless bugs as is the case with most of the operating system. We’ve heard that Microsoft is working on releasing as many updates as possible in the shortest time frame to address most of the bugs but as you can tell, they don’t stand in the way of what is really a great and refreshing experience from the monotonous feel of Windows 7 and the unwelcoming newness of Windows 8.

While this is not necessarily a feature, I like the fact that I was able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from my Windows 8.1 Pro install without any serious issues. All my files are intact as are my traditional Windows applications. Save for the disappearance of my OneDrive folder’s placeholders and the fact that I had to wait for several hours to force the update despite it having finished downloading as early as 24 hours before July 29th, the official release date, the upgrade process is something the regular non-technical person would appreciate.

No wonder Microsoft is taking its sweet time to iron out every little thing that would make you pull your hair like graphics and network drivers before notifying you that your upgrade is ready (one of the reasons why it’s not readily advisable to force the update on your computer).

Guys Here are the 10 Features that Make Windows 10 a Great Upgrade… Click “CONTINUE READING” to see them

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