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Guys Here are the 10 Features that Make Windows 10 a Great Upgrade

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9#9:. OneDrive

As with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, OneDrive is built into Windows 10, but with one significant change. In Windows 8/8.1, One Drive used “placeholders” files to show you the names, content type, file size of files that you had in the cloud but had not synced locally. The advantage of this was you could search in File Explorer for a file that was in your cloud while being off line. By right clicking on the file you could then schedule it to sync to your local device.

When setting up OneDrive in Windows 10, the One Drive App will ask you to select the folders that you want to sync and where you want to sync them to. its important that you cognizant of your local storage spaces as unlike Windows 8, you will NOT have placeholder files. The reason Microsoft took this approach was due to the confusion many Windows 8 users had with the Placeholders files. Many users mistook the placeholder file as the actual file and thus believed that OneDrive had synced to their local device, only to find that it had not when they really needed the file.

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