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Guys Here are the 10 Features that Make Windows 10 a Great Upgrade

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8#8:. Snap

The ability to work with two applications open side by side is not new to Windows but it is the implementation in Windows 10 that makes it a key feature as it redefines multitasking on personal systems. Thanks to Snap Assist, the moment you drag the title bar of a window you’re working on to the edge of the screen, it gets “snapped” into place on one side of the screen and you get a view of all the other open windows on the other side of the screen and tapping any of them opens it and snaps it as well. It is also possible. to Snap up to 4 Windows at once. What could be better than that?

Tip: Keyboard Shortcut to Snap Windows: Select the Window you want to Snap, then press “Windows Key+Left (or Right) Arrow”. This will snap the Window to that side of the screen. If a Window is already snapped to one side of the screen and you press “Windows Key + Up Arrow”, it will snap to the top corner of that side of the screen.

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