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Top 10 highest paid national team coaches in Africa 2016 [..See where Ghana’s coach Avram Grant]

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GrantNational Football Team Management has surely got to be one of the highest paying jobs in Africa. A lot of money is poured into African football these days and substantial part of it ends in the pockets of the men who set the tone.

When one looks at professional club-level football, money is arguably the best performance enhancing drug for a club. Many of the club football managers in Africa are being paid huge sums of money, but what about the African national football team managers? As national teams do not play matches on a regular basis like clubs, it is somewhat difficult for the managers to deliver major success in a certain tournament.

In the case of Africa, a lot of European managers, mostly novices, trek down to the continent in search of fertile opportunities which serves as a launch pad for their career progression. In recent years, African national team jobs have attracted interests from well-known and experienced European coaches but wait, they do not come cheap. And unlike in Europe, Asia or South America, African governments, in most instances, have to cater for the huge expenses of these football gods.

Here are the top ten highest-paid African national football team managers in 2015. Click “Continue reading” to see ..See Ghana’s coach Avram Grant position

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