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LADIES! 5 Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Make Valentine’s Less Painful for Him

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1So, it is a fact that most living african men hate valentines, they hate the huge expectations from their partners, they hate the gift ties we keep giving them and they hate being a cliche.

Frankly, I stand with them. The pressure to give and keep giving is a real bummer, but what if we could turn things around and make it about them? Hmm

#1:. Buy a cookbook or google a unique recipe and make a meal

For once you can lay off the take out, ugali, minji and githeri and just make something nice, surprise him. It is easy to make a three course meal right from your own kitchen, forget Kempinski. Dress up nice, spray on some perfume and make him a meal he will never forget. That will be one way to get into his heart for sure. Also this is a great way to get back at him if he did not get you anything. You dont see it now but you just wait.

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