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See the 10 Unusual & Amazing Ways To Wear A Ghana Flag [PHOTOS]

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#1:. Wear it in bed

People from other parts of the world where they obsess with comfort in bed talk about wondrous details like thread count.

But the cover cloth is really the only piece of bedding that I can imagine the ordinary Ghanaian really caring about. I mean you will find a streetperson sleeping on the hard floor at night infront of a store, and they won’t care so much about bed sheets. But you’d better believe they would get a cover cloth.

The mosquitos may have something to do with it, but who really knows? So anyway, if a Ghanaian really wanted luxury sheets, they could rock a silk Ghana flag.

And of course if you’re Steve Ababio shooting a beautiful ɔbaa kokɔɔ as in the photo below, you might consider wrapping her up in a big silky Ghana flag.

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