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See the 10 Unusual & Amazing Ways To Wear A Ghana Flag [PHOTOS]

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3 sunglasses

#3:. Rock it like Stevie Wonder.

This one is not for everybody, but if you just happen to be a Stevie or  a T-pain look-alike, maybe…just maybe you could manage to pull it off. Swagger people…swag is all you need. lol.

4 scarf

#4:. Tie it as a good old duku

Ghanaian women have it really good. Every Friday, Saturday or Sunday is an opportunity to wear a duku, depending on if they are moslem, seventh day adventists or sunday church going Christians. If they work at the right sort of place, they may even be able to wear it all days of the week. As is typical of privileged people, they don’t really value this freedom. But…if you’re a Ghanaian man, and you live with duku-envy most days of the year, then you really can’t not take the opportunity to finally come out and cross dress when you get such a fine opportunity during football season. Who in their right mind could pass up such a chance?!

Tsoboi! Hei. Tsoboi. Hei. Duku lovers unite ooooo yeeee. Duku lovers unite.

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