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See the 10 Unusual & Amazing Ways To Wear A Ghana Flag [PHOTOS]

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9 designer

#9:. Rock it like a fashionista

Say you’re that girl who has to look on point wherever you go, including the stadium. Say just a regular Ghana t-shirt and jeans won’t do for you, then do what you do best and suppress the rest of us by wearing one of these MAKSI or ReneeQfashionista outfits.

10 necklace

#10:. Pull a Zoom Lion

If you care about the environment and want to do something with trash, supporting the black stars is a fantastic way to be a little like Zoom Lion. Just look at this dude…all decked in  cans. I believe he thinks he’s wearing a necklace.Move overtrashy bags, now it’s time for trashy bling! here.

That’s 10 ways you could wear the flag. What d’you think? If you’ve seen or can think of other ways, to wear it please share in the comments and send me some links to photos:)

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