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10 Amazing African Shoe Brands That Are Set To Dominate The World Market [..Every African Should Own a Pair of These]

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4. Buqisi-Ruux (Kenya & Uganda)

#4:. Buqisi-Ruux (Kenya & Uganda)

Buqisi-Ruux is an interesting new startup in Africa’s footwear industry that is certainly turning heads. The brand features 4+ inch platform heels in locally-made Ankara print designs that celebrates powerful African women and represents the diversity, vibrancy and boldness that lies within the African continent.

The footwear brand was founded three young African entrepreneurs – Nuba Elamin and her cousins, Lynn and Tetsi Bugaari.

The name Buqisi-Ruux literally means “Queen of the Village”. ‘Buqisi’ comes from an ancient Egyptian word which means ‘Queen’ and Ruux is short for ‘Rukungiri’, a village in Western Uganda, where Nuba and her cousins come from.

The Buqisi-Ruux brand is inspired by African women and the continent’s art. The brand is proud of its African roots and this is boldly reflected in its name and its recent “Kwanzaa” collection, which features African names, bright colours and loud patterns (which represent the diversity of the African continent.

Buqisi-Ruux is based in Nairobi, Kenya and has a presence in Kampala (Uganda) and Cape Town (South Africa), and also sells its beautiful pieces through its online store. The footwear label plans to expand into more countries within and outside the continent.

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