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10 Amazing African Shoe Brands That Are Set To Dominate The World Market [..Every African Should Own a Pair of These]

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7.  HTW – Heel The World (Ghana)

#7:. HTW – Heel The World (Ghana)

Fred Deegbe’s “Heel The World” footwear brand is another inspiring success story featured in my recent book, “101 Ways To Make Money in Africa.”

Fred’s foray into shoemaking started with an interesting experience he had a few years ago. After buying an expensive pair of Pierre Cardin shoes, he wondered why Ghana’s highly talented craftsmen and shoemakers couldn’t make shoes that would compete with foreign brands.

Fred used to be a banker before he decided to enter the business of making high-end luxury shoes. Although he knew little about making shoes, or even fashion, he partnered with a friend to start “Heel The World” or “HTW”, a social business that counters perceptions of the quality and capabilities of Ghanaian craftsmanship.

Working out of his parents’ garage in Accra, Ghana, HTW assembled a team of local craftsmen and shoe makers who apply their talents and produce beautiful and high-quality shoes that can compete with international luxury brands. At the moment, HTW shoes sell between $200 to $400 for each pair.

Fred was one of the 32 Global Shapers in attendance at the World Economic Forum in Ethiopia and he’s working to teach more young Africans about entrepreneurship and leadership. Through his company, HTW, he is providing jobs for local shoemakers, and has supported other young entrepreneurs financially.

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