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10 Costliest Schools in Kenya: You Will Not Believe Whose Daughter Attended one of Them

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Often times, schools compete for the highest rank in the list of best schools academically, but how about when schools compete for the most expensive spot in the list of most expensive schools instead? They not only want to be the best schools study-wise but also the most recognizable financially even to those who have never been to the school before.

They are known to be strictly for the rich class and partly for the middle class but never for the poor. You could say that to them, education is not for the poor.

So for those who can offer their children the best kind of education and can pay anything just for them to have seemingly sufficient education, these 10 most expensive schools will come into play.

Of course, these are the schools where the rich and popular people like to take their kids.

In fact they are simply the schools for the Blue Ivy’s of Kenya. Most of them offer the British Curriculum and their school fees is pretty insane with caution fees amounting to 150,000, registration fees 50,000 and applications fees 10,000 Kshs.

Top 10 most expensive schools with figures of how much students pay per annum. Click  “Continue Reading” to see them

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