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You’ll Know These 10 Things If You Attended A Public School in Ghana

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#3:. Bell Boy

How will you feel if you’re in charge of ringing the bell for assembly, break time and closing? This was a position that many fought over. The one who is chosen finally, executes his responsibility with pride. There are times when the bell boy is angry and he decides to punish everyone by not ringing the bell on time either for break or closing.


#4:. Please Teacher May I Go Out To Urinate?

I remember when we were taught this popular phrase back at school. It still makes me laugh when I remember it. Because most pupils in public schools are used to vernacular, it is the most used language in schools. To correct this, pupils were taught simple phrases for various activities or actions and this one was the top most one. Even when kids want to visit the loo to ease themselves, they’ll use this phrase.

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