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You’ll Know These 10 Things If You Attended A Public School in Ghana

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A young student at a school in rural Zimbabwe

#5:. P.E

There is no happier moment in a public school than the period for P.E. or physical education. It took a while for us to understand that it was actually a subject. We always saw it as an opportunity to go out and play some soccer or just run around the school making noise. The rare occasions where a teacher actually takes pupils for P.E., it was just to exercise, do some stretches and take part in some few games.


#6:. Mental

This was/is a dreaded time for anyone who attended a public school. It’s mostly carried out in the morning. The teacher enters the class and makes everyone stand on their feet. He/She then goes round with his/her cane asking pupils random questions. A right answer will earn you the opportunity to sit whiles a wrong one will earn you some strokes of the cane. And students have just some few seconds to answer a question. Geez

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