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You’ll Know These 10 Things If You Attended A Public School in Ghana

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#7:. Hiding Plantain Chips Under Your Desk

Public school students can’t go without chewing something in class. Fried plantain chips is one delicacy that kids love so after break, you purchase and take it to class. You put it under your s=desk and munch on it whiles the teacher is in the class.


#8:. Inspection Of Uniforms And Fingernails At Assembly

Mostly on Monday’s during assembly, the teacher’s will come down and walk through the classes. They’ll inspect one’s uniform, shoes, socks, teeth and fingernails. Those who are found wanting are given strokes of the cane or made to go home to change. Having a dirty uniform on a Monday means you don’t wash which the means you don’t take life skills very seriously.

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