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You’ll Know These 10 Things If You Attended A Public School in Ghana

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#9:. Taken To School To Be Beaten For Something You Did At Home

Can you imagine being taken ti school to be beaten for something you did at home? This used to happen in the past and I’m not sure if it still does. But in the past, parents will march their kids to school and report them to either their teacher’s or the headmaster/mistress. If you’re lucky, you get beaten in the headteachers office or in front of your colleagues in class. Otherwise, you’ll be beaten in front of the whole school during assembly and your crime will be announced to all….Such embarrassment.


#10:. Telling You Parents You’re In Afternoon Shift Just To Escape School

If you don’t want to go to school, just confuse your parents with the shift system. If they ask you in the morning, you say you’re in the afternoon shift. Afternoon, you dress and go to school but you don’t attend class. You just hang around and play soccer during break time. Or you use the opportunity to go play somewhere. who were we deceiving?lol

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