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Top 5 female Kenyan celebrities who managed to survive terrible SÉXUAL ASSAULT [See them]

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Any form of involuntary s éxual act including forced kissing, forced s éxual vaginal penetration, drug facilitated s éxual assault and the like in which a person is pushed into doing any of those acts by force or threats against the person’s will, or any non-consensual s éxual touching of a person is perpetually lingering on the part of the victim. Torture is always everlasting in the hearts of those who have gone through it.

It’s like having an incurable open wound in somebody’s life.  While some of them have recovered incredibly enough to talk about the terrible ordeal, most of them never get to share their stories and others will remain eternally embarrassed. Some even die with the secret because of the stigma associated with s éxual assault.

On the brighter side, some brave and intelligent celebrities who went through the same ordeal and survived it have deemed it right to share their experience and to provide professional advice to s éxually assaulted victims.

They spoke up just so other victims will know there is hope ahead of rape and s éxual assault. After reading what these celebrities have to say about their monstrous experience, don’t fail to share it across social medias so that all rape victims will as well live above the stigma and discrimination that victims of rape face.

Below are 5 female Kenyan celebrities who managed to survive the terrible ordeal: Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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