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EndTimes: “My pastor asked me to suck him!” 5 crazy things fake pastors do [See PHOTOS]

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The rate at which religion tends to find its way into virtually all that we do, has become very alarming. However, the issue is not with the various religions, but with those who believe and follow these diverse believes.

It is no news that everyone is free to practice whichever religion suits him or her, but it is sad to note that that freedom has been abused and to a great extent has become man’s captivity.

People (especially Africans), tend to always throw away rationality in their dealings with religion and issues regarding belief. Some go as far as terming their irrational as “faith”. For instance, one is sick but because his/her religious leader has spoken on exercising faith by not using medications, he/she follows the rule dogmatically and the end result is not palatable.

The great German philosopher, Immanuel Kant noted that “The autonomous man, insofar as he is autonomous, is not subject to the will of another. He may do what another tells him, but not because he has been told to do it. He is therefore, in the political sense of the word, free.”

It is in trying to address this issue of freedom and rationality that this article has been written. For this piece, Christianity will be the focus and the major reason is because Christianity is the most populated in the world. Bringing it back home to Africa, and narrowing it down to Nigeria, statistics show that Nigeria has the largest Christian population of any country in Africa, with more than 85 million persons belonging to various denominations.

Some major examples of rather controversial Christian practices will be presented, as to help draw the line between religion and rationality. For all the examples that will be highlighted below, the basic rule or yardstick of judgement will be if the practice or act by these preachers, pastors or prophets follow any biblical principle.

It is only rational that if one says he/she is a Christian, then the bible is the perfect book by which his/her actions would be measured. One would find out that most of the examples do not borrow from the bible, nor follow any rational principle.

Hence the question, “why are many people still deceived?” it’s End-time: Click “Continue Reading” to see the 5 crazy things fake pastors do

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