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9 reasons Emmanuel Eboue’s Premier League return is the best thing to happen this season

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It’s happened. It’s official. The prodigal son has returned.

We say “prodigal son”. We mean Emmanuel Eboue.

After several years in exile at Galatasary, Eboue has finally come back to the Premier League. The former Arsenal right-back has just signed a short-term deal with Sunderland, lasting until the end of the current campaign.

If you ask us, Eboue’s return might just be the best thing to happen this season.

As any Arsenal fan can tell you, Eboue is one of the biggest mavericks ever to have graced English football. During his six years in North London, he was a fan favourite, dressing room prankster and a beloved teammate to all.

It’s a shame he was a massive, massive liability out on the pitch. Then again, that’s all part of the fun.

As a true Premier League renegade, Eboue’s return is bound to be hugely entertaining.

In fact, here are 9 reasons his comeback could be the best thing to happen this century, let alone this year. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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