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Top 6 Leading Female Hip pop Rappers in South Africa […. Including Interviews about SEXISM & CAREER]

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Patty Monroe

#4:. Patty Monroe

Fresh on the scene for only a few months now, 20-year-old Patty Monroe’s debut track, “High Fashion,” marks her as a rapper to watch. The rapper’s quirky debut single – produced by celebrated house producer Culoe de Song – delivers solidly and is far from cute. “I have a message, I don’t just want to talk about tits and ass. There is a bigger picture,” she asserts. Having recently moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg after signing to AfterLife Talent, “High Fashion” made it to the top 10 spot on Joburg youth radio station Yfm and secured her interviews on Vuzu TV and local hip hop magazineHype. When asked about her love for rapping, Patty says: “I have always been a very outspoken person and music has been close to my heart. There’s a way that you can use the two together and people will actually listen.”

What do you think of hip hop in South Africa?
It’s amazing and has done so well. 2014 was a great year for SA hip hop and it’s cool that the rest of the world is accepting our heads. And now, especially since all these women have started stepping up, hip hop’s going to be a much better and colourful place.

You’re pretty young, do you feel intimidated by the scene?
I’m just young by the age the world gives me. I don’t want people to let my age get in the way of what I’m doing.

What do you think some of the challenges are for women in rap?
I don’t like the fact that people are always comparing female rappers. And I don’t really like the superficiality. They say stuff like, ‘look at how light her skin is’, or ‘she’s a yellow bone’. I say, forget that and just focus on the art and the skill. In hip hop I feel that women get judged on being the whole package; and if you’re not the entire package then they might not take note of you. Give everyone a chance.

Some of your favourites emcees?
Gigi Lamayne is dope and so is Busiswa [Gqulu], Rouge and Nadia Nakia. And in CPT, Miss Celaneous is good and representing where I come from.

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