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EXPOSED! The best football stadiums that were never built: Liverpool, Chelsea & more unrealised plans

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From shiny waterfront arenas to weird volcanic exteriors, here are some ambitious blueprints that never got built

Building a football stadium, we presume, is not easy.

There’s a great deal to think about, from capacity to feasibility to aesthetics to cost. It’s probably an absolute nightmare.

Which is part of the reason the world’s biggest arenas inspire such wonder. There’s the sheer size of them, sure, but also our knowledge that they took millions of hours of planning and construction as well.

Understandably, not all plans become reality. The real world gets in the way of our dreams.

Having already cast an eye over some of the stadiums that are going to spring into existence in the months and years ahead , we thought we’d delve into another, more mysterious category: those stadiums that were mooted but remained on the architect’s page.

Here, are some of the best football stadiums that never came into existence: Click  “Continue Reading” to see them

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