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15 Unknown Amazing Health Benefits of Mangoes […. Wow! See them listed here]

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Mangoes are fruits belonging to the genus Mangifera. Along with Olives, dates and coconuts, mangoes  are members of drupe family, a type of plant food in which an outer fleshy part covers a shell with a seed inside.

It is a seasonal tropical fruits that are fleshy and delicious and are mostly available in the country towards the end of the year into the first quarter. Outside its spectacular natural qualities such as its appearance, flavor, and taste, mango fruit is packed with natural goodness including health promoting qualities.

Read on to see the health benefits of mangoes that will make you eat more mangoes than any other fruits.

Did you Know that One Cup of Mangoes (225grams) Contains the Following?

105 calories 76 percent vitamin C

25 percent vitamin A

11 percent vitamin B6 plus other B vitamins

9 percent healthy probiotic fibre

9 percent copper

7 percent potassium

4 percent magnesium

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