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Top 10 Highest Paid Kenyan Musicians – You Would Never Believe Who Is Number 1

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MCSK has just disclosed its list of highest earning artistes in the period of July 2013 up to July 2014 and naturally, it was not going to be an artist earning the highest billing. Yes, you may be expecting musicians like Jaguar to sit conveniently on a spot, but surprisingly he misses a spot on the list of highest earning Kenyan musicians.

Anyone who’s very conversant with music industry will know that producers and song writers earn more than singers and rappers. Surprised? I know you would be. Well, they are the ones who do the main task of getting the song just right.

Kenya has indeed made a considerable progress from the days of artists having to depend on sideline jobs that brings in cash. Perhaps something other than music or seeing entertainment as a hobby more than as a career. Of course, the days when music is not taken very seriously are so gone in Kenya as musicians now earn in excess of six-digits. It is safe to say that headphone is a good business as DJ Khaled once said.

MCSK just wrapped up the announcement of the highest earners of royalties in Kenya and 10 people got to share a jackpot of 31 million shillings. The amounts declared was kshs 28,054,147 /- out of a total collection of Kshs 31,160, 538 /-paid by radio and television stations. In fact with the rate this musicians earn, I’m truly considering dropping some hot music. But for now these 10 musicians are the ones on the spotlight as they just became billionaires.

Clearly Kenyan musicians make money through Radio Royalties which are gotten from media houses such as Royal media Services, Radio Africa group, Standard Group , Nation media group, to mention a few. As you would expect, the payday of some Kenyan musicians gives them widest amount. If you listened to MCSK recent announcement you will know what I mean when I say that Music can earn you fast and fat money.

Lest I forget, here is the complete list of top ten (local members) highest earning musicians in Kenya, we hope you’ll find this interesting. Click “Continue Reading” to see them all

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