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Top 10 Kenya’s Most Dangerous hardcore CRIMINALS Ever [….#8 was the Devil Himself]

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#4:. Simon Matheri Ikere

When the entry on the Most Wanted List is titled Public Enemy No. 1, then you know the police have a funky content creator for their website or the man are completely badass. Matheri begun his working life as a taxi driver in…you guessed right, Rongai. He was arrested and jailed for arson for five years at the one place where hardened criminals in KE are manufactured, Kamiti Prison.

In his short career, Matheri was said to have shot and killed or wounded: prominent African AIDS researcher, Job Bwayo; Lois Anderson, a Presbyterian missionary, and her daughter Zelda White, the wife of a U.S. embassy employee, a Carol Briggs, a missionary volunteer. He is probably the only violent robber in Kenya who once had a Wikipedia page(It has since been removed).

Matheri lived a very simple but wild life. Of all the criminals on this list, he showed the most ingenuity for someone who had never attended a military school. He had never used the front door of the house in Kitengela, and his wife of two years knew him as Matherubecause there is nothing like hiding ones identity by switching a vowel.When he was killed,the only things found in the house were two mattresses, a coffee table, a sofa set, a DVD and a 14-inch TV.

The police swoop was carried out by over 100 police officers who, after riddling his body with bullets the typical Kenya police way, soiled the crime scene in unrestrained joy. They were too excited to remember to remove the handcuffs from the man they had just killed. How hard can it be to stage a he started shooting at my (m)boys and they returned fire scenario?

So the body camera crews beamed to the world had the hands stuck curiously behind because the officers had slept through their pathology class and new zero about rigor mortis. The next day, an accomplice of his committed suicide. Unless there is an unspoken suicide pact between such criminals, the death itself was as interesting as the fact that the Gachie villagers burned his body

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