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Top 10 Kenya’s Most Dangerous hardcore CRIMINALS Ever [….#8 was the Devil Himself]

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#6:. Daniel Kiptum Cheruiyot alias Frank

No, this is not Frank Martin but I can see why you would make that error. Neither was he ever a CID detective, as he made everyone believe. He had only once been a Police Reservist who lost his job for hiring out his gun out to robbers. Cheruiyot was also soft-spoken, murderous, cunning, and meticulous.

Like Matheri and Wakinyonga, he sparingly furnished the houses he lived in. In his house in Zimmerman where he was killed in 2005, he only had a single bed, a five seater sofa set (because a gang of five is not going to sit on the floor is it now?) and a black coffee table (I am resisting referring to it as ‘a black loot-counting table’). He was also the chairman of the Imara Daima Estate Security Committee.

“Only a few metres from the Deliverance Church, and tucked away in a secluded part of the vast estate, the house has a high perimeter wall ringed with broken glass. It is less than 200 metres away from the busy Thika Highway, and boasts burglar proof doors and windows.Sandwiched between two houses, a passer-by has no view of Cheruiyot’s den, let alone the activities of its residents. The house’s backyard is, however, not barricaded with a wall like the front, and offers a possible escape route to the highway. “

He killed the first officer who went to arrest him in Imara Daima, Charles Karue and later killed Maina Cheserem. Oh, and did I mention that the police ambush and 5 hour drama was recorded on video?

You can watch it part of it here. What more would a man who has already survived several gunfights, become a gangster complete with several homes and police murders, already using multiple phones in 2005, and died holding an Uzi sub-machine gun, do to be even more badass?“Cheruiyot recently telephoned the control room at police headquarters and warned that he would continue killing police officers because he knows clearly that they are looking for him.”

The man who did was rewarded

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