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Man Turns to Dog During Deliverance Session at T.B. Joshua’s Church [See Photos+Video]

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A man possessed by an evil spirit has reportedly turned into a dog during prayer and deliverance session at Prophet T.B Joshua’s church.

A video released by TB Joshua’s official YouTube channel Emmanuel TV reportedly shows a young man transforming into a ‘dog’ during a deliverance session. The strange occurrence happened during a deliverance session as the young man started behaving like a dog and eating one of his shoes.

A summary in the video description explains it thus: “If you don’t believe demonic possession is real, this video will likely change your mind and shock you to the very core! What on earth could make a young man slither on the floor, growl exactly like a dog and even eat his own shoe in the view of onlookers in the thousands?!? Yes, it’s wild; yes, it’s weird – but IT’S REAL!

“During a time of prayer at The SCOAN, the demon within this young Liberian man is shockingly exposed, the entirety of his features contorting to the resemblance, movement and eerie sounds of a wild dog.

“This may sound and look crazy to the initial onlooker – but at The SCOAN with T.B. Joshua, it is a normal occurrence as week-in, week-out, Satan and his horde of malevolent agents are disgraced by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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