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A fantasy team of the MOST DISMISSED PLAYERS in Premier League history [….Steven Gerrard – 6 Red Cards]

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The Premier League has a fine tradition of terrifying hardmen.

From Julian Dicks to Lee Cattermole, the average football fan has long enjoyed watching the type of player who understands the value of “winning the physical battle“.

Of course, the occupational hazard of being the man most likely to attract the referee’s attention is a “questionable” disciplinary record.

While any old player can pick up a yellow card these days, it takes a special kind of footballer to pick up multiple red cards.

That’s why we decided to put together the ultimate Premier League Red Card XI.

For each of the eleven positions on the pitch, we have selected the one player who has been dismissed more times than any other player. Click “Continue Reading” to meet them. 🙂

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