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8 Scary Ways Stress is Affecting Your Everyday Health

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Stress is Affecting Your Everyday Health

Scientists are learning more and more about the impact that stress plays on your health. It’s not just your mental health that can be hurt by both acute and chronic stress.

Stress can take a major toll on your physical health, as well. Below are the 8 Scary Ways Stress is Affecting Your Everyday Health

#1:. Balding.

Yep, it’s true — elevated stress levels can make you lose your hair, in several different ways. One of the more obvious ways is through trichotillomania, a disorder that causes people to rip their hair out to alleviate stress. But, it’s not just physically pulling out hair that is influenced by stress. Two hair loss issues can both happen as the result of stress. Alopecia areata, where the immune system attacks hair follicles, and telogen effluvium, which causes hair to stop growing and eventually fall out.

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