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South African pastor pours boiling water on church members [See PHOTOS]

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The KwaZulu Natal-based young pastor who is the founder of Thy Word Kingdom Harvest Ministries has been making headlines because of lots of reasons. He has been having revivals across the country and he recently performed a miracle which left everyone shocked.

Trying to bring back what happened when the Biblical Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego were thrown into the lake of fire and were not burn, Apostle Sambulo boiled a kettle of water and started demonstrating on his church members by pouring the boiling water on them.

Here are some words from his Facebook profile that describe in detail what happened:

“The apostle then told someone to go boil water in a kettle at the kitchen. One young man went there and did so. He came back with boiling water. The Son of God took the kettle and put it on himself (on his chest, he hugged it). The congregation was in shock, as they shouted: “NO!” Some couldn’t even look.”

A commenter, Taka Praise Rasmeni, said: ”If u notice this is a boy in his 20’s and its always these young boys that disgraces the gospel bcoz they are looking for attention from the media and the worst part is you giving them and satisfying their ego. I understand that media feeds on negativity but this has to stop bcoz its innocent pples lives that are a risk here. How long did this boy serve as a brother? How much does he know abt the gospel hayi amanyala? What is he going to advice when the elderly married couple have a sexual problem at home? Pastoring is not abt miracles and only preaching and show offs.

”Who is fathering this boy? Salvation is real with or without these disgusting magician so called pastors and miracles are for unbelievers to believe not power games. May they Lord punish you whilst you are on planet earth my boy if that happens to be mockery to our God so that you be an example to other boys who have disgraced Elohim…” Nawa ooo!

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