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3 Strategies To Picking the Perfect Business Name

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#3:. Keep It Short

Pick a business name that looks snazzy on a business card, and displays well in Google search results. If you are a feng shui consultant, Quiet Mountain Feng Shui Consultants probably isn’t the name for you, while Symmetry Feng Shui might do the job. Keeping it short will also make it straightforward to pick an easy-to-find domain name for your business.

Remember that these are just guidelines and that your own creativity should shine through. You need a brand you can believe in. So, if you decide to call your feng shui consultancy The Whooping Crane, we can’t stop you, but do keep in mind that without a relevant name and an already established brand you might soon be known as The Weeping Crane instead.

In need of a new domain name? Find the perfect one to complement your business here.

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