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5 things single ladies say that make men run away from them [..number 3 will shock you]

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single ladies says

– Men who want a woman who will be the mother of their children assess some things single ladies say whenever these ladies are approached

– There is a general belief that men are currently scared of going into marriage even if they have all the necessary things that will make them comfortably take care of a woman

– A great number of african men opined that the attitude of some single ladies is nothing to write home about

Single ladies who build a shell around themselves for a long time, may make men see them as a no-go area. This is because it does not take men a long time to back out of a relationship which is time wasting.

The end result of any faithful relationship should be conjugal bliss. It is not too good if a relationship starts on a promising note, but later hits the rock. Although, both parties could be at fault, but the men these days are fuming that some single ladies do not have any attribute of being a wife.

Some of the reasons below are some of the things men discuss among themselves. Click “Continue Reading” to see

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