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Woman With the Word’s Longest Dreadlocks Falls in Love With African Man Also with Locks [See PHOTOS]

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‘It gives me a lot of positive energy and a lot of positive vibration – it’s like my antennas to the spiritual world. It’s part of my creation and it’s part of my body.’

Asha often carries her hair in a handbag to prevent it trailing along the floor, but when she wears it loose the couple receive a lot of attention.

Asha said: ‘The reaction is always a Kodak moment, it’s always a conversation piece, especially when it’s out. They always want to take pictures. ‘The reaction is always really positive, I’ve rarely had any negatives.’

Asha, who owns her own hair product business, was told by doctors her dreadlocks would paralyse her if she kept on growing them as the weight of her hair is affecting her back.

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