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Woman With the Word’s Longest Dreadlocks Falls in Love With African Man Also with Locks [See PHOTOS]

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Now Emmanuel is training her at the gym to strengthen her back muscles and Asha has already lost 65lbs.

But although Asha admits her hair can be a hindrance at time, the couple says the positives far outweigh the negatives – especially in the bedroom.

Emmanuel said: ‘In some instance maybe it adds up to some spices you know in our love life.
‘There are some days she will sleep on the bed and put it on the ground, some days she will feel like letting it sleep on the bed with her so sometimes you might feel like it is three of us in the bed.’

The couple have talked about having children in the future, and hope their child will continue their dreadlocks legacy.

Asha said: ‘If we are blessed with children, no comb is going to go on their head. There will be locks straight from birth, however long that takes to come in.
‘If we going to be lucky enough to be blessed with a child, it’s going to be a cute little Rasta baby.’

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