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Zimbabwe’s Oldest Pröst!tute Retires After Bedding Over 4000 Men [See Photos & Confession]

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According to The New Zimbabwean News, a woman in her 30 years years long career as a Pröst!tute, claimed to have served more than 4,000 men. During her legendary career, the 55-year-old Pröst!tute who goes by the name Sylvia Kandeya with the alias SK, who has decided to go on retirement, used to sleep with more than 7 men per day but now things have changed as she is retiring; and it’s now one or two men per month. She said that’s just like a rough estimate as she can’t simply remember all the men she has slept. She said they should be more than figure

SK who is considered the godmother of all s éx workers in and around the Madondo shopping centre of the MT Darwin Township has a register of all s éx workers in the area and they all pay homage to her before plying their trade there.

She has now managed to buy a stand in Mt Darwin Township, built a house and also sent her children to school.

The popular Pröst!tute told the New Zimbabwe news in an interview that she has sub-divided her house into several rooms where she now allows other Pröst!tute stay and pay her rentals. Sometimes when business is low, she gives them time to make money and pay later.

She however boasted that with the coming of young and energetic s éx workers, she is not in competition with them because what she does is assist them whenever it’s necessary and she has opened a register to know which s éx worker is at Madondo shopping centre in case something happens to them.
She wasn’t also shy to reveal that she is HIV positive, but was quick to clarify that her retirement is not because she is infected, but age.

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