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Guys see the 4 Reasons Why You Should not BANG Your Neighbour

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I wrote about this topic some few years ago but let me revisit it with a few more details. Guys, do not ever ‘katia’ and bang your neighbor. It is generally widely accepted and recommended that one does not shit where one eats.

Mainly because it is annoying, messy, requires extra clean-up and you have a greater propensity of catching a disease that the medical community hasn’t even discovered. This same concept is applied to screwing around with people who are your neighbors.

I understand that sometimes you might be plagued by dry spells and the only option seems like your hot lightskin neighbor next door but don’t do it bro. Don’t score your neighbor.

Buda….even though she is cute, available and in close proximity, it doesn’t mean you should be stopping by to ask her for chumvi (salt) each and every time. Just like an employee shouldn’t dip his pen in the company ink, you shouldn’t hit on that dem next door even if her boobies are beautifully and wonderfully made. It could prove to be a worse idea than deciding to paint the whole house with a shoe brush

Things can — and probably will — go wrong, and you could end up with so much drama in your hands you’ll think you’re in Love And Hip Hop. Even though it all looks like an easy lay which you can tap any time you feel like, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t hit on your neighbor. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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