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LADIES! 5 Common V’ÀGINÀ Problems and How To Prevent Them

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#1:. Bacterial Váginosis:

The symptom of this condition is usually when your v ágina has an odor that’s incredibly strong and fishy. Almost half of v áginal infections are bacterial váginosis. Symptoms include thin gray or white discharge from the v áginal walls, that fishy, musty smell that is even stronger after s éx, v áginal itching and irritation, as well as burning and soreness.

And if not treated, it could transform into pelvic inflammatory disease, possible infertility, and possibly an increased risk of UTIs and STDs.

But keeping your v áginal bacteria at a normal range, avoiding douching, cleaning the outside of your v ágina with warm water and wiping from front to back, wearing cotton-lined underwear, practicing safe s éx and doing so with minimal partners can help avoid BV and recurrent BV.

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