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SHOCKING List of Top 10 Famous RICH Kenyans Said To Be DEVIL Worshipers

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8. DJ Creme de la Creme

#8:. DJ Creme de la Creme

The only reason why anyone would link DJ Creme to Devil worshiping is NOT his infamous leaked s éx tape,but it is the way he prefers to pose for photos.

DJ Creme has thousands of photos of him on the Internet striking the same pose; his hand over one side of his face,with the middle and thumb fingers forming a circle around either eye.

With the rest three fingers above the eye. These hand-to-eye gestures are well known Illuminati occult symbolism that are widely talked about Illuminati conspiracy videos on YouTube.

These sátánic symbolism are common in the entertainment scenes, popularly flashed by western musicians in there videos. Creme has never come out to refute these rumors.

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