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SHOCKING List of Top 10 Famous RICH Kenyans Said To Be DEVIL Worshipers

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6. Octopizzo

#6:. Octopizzo

No Kenyan celebrity has given more credence to these allegations than Number Nane Rapper Octopizzo. Infact, Octopizzo’s whole career has been speculated from a sátánic point of view.

His music videos are full of satanic symbolism and leave very little to imagination. It’s rumored that he might be part of rapper Jay-Z’s conspiracy network,the Illuminati,and he’s either laughed off the allegations or fueled the rumor even further.

Octopizzo’s hit song,Ivo Ivo Ivo video,has all that you need to know about Illuminati and witty conspirators have claimed that ‘Ivo Ivo Ivo‘ has hidden connotation,’Evil Evil Evil‘.

Namba Nane actually seems to entertain the speculation since he has never come out clean on the issue…

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