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SHOCKING List of Top 10 Famous RICH Kenyans Said To Be DEVIL Worshipers

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5.Supreme Court Judge,Willy Mutunga

#5:. Supreme Court Judge,Willy Mutunga

Willy Munyoki Mutunga, who has been the Chief Justice Of Kenya since June 2011 and the President of the Supreme court of Kenya,is one man Kenyans know little about as far as his religious orientation is concerned.

When he came into the limelight in may 2011 with an earring conspicuously clinging on his left ear, his s éxuality and spirituality became a subject of serious discussion.

The then Eldoret North member of parliament, William Ruto even said, “We cannot have a CJ who spots studs on his ears and claims he uses them to communicate with unseen spirits“.

Cj Willy Mutunga asserted to that effect that the earring was a source of ancestral inspiration and not related to his sexuality. He also stated that he is not gay since in Kenya a man wearing such a feminine wear is considered a h0m0.

Well,there you have it.He does not believe in Christ but in some ancestral wizardry which last time i checked,it is Devil worshiping

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