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10 of the Worst & Embarrassing Kenyan Celebrity Break-Ups EVER! [Take a Look @ them]

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10. Kristoff and Kush Tracy

#10:. Kristoff and Kush Tracy

Hahaha! This one ended up with a fight involving (allegedly) his old bae and his rumoured new flame.

And it all happened at a club. Reportedly, bottles flew.

9. Ringtone and Angel

#9:. Ringtone and Angel

Ringtone met bae, and decided to pursue her. Allegedly for a couple of trysts and when everything was said and done, she had to come to the cold realization that she was just a jump-off.

Ringtone allegedly went as far as asking her to procure an abortion. Whether or not she went through with the procedure however is a matter for speculation… but then again, we’ll find out either way in the next month or two.

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