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10 of the Worst & Embarrassing Kenyan Celebrity Break-Ups EVER! [Take a Look @ them]

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8. Prezzo and Chagga Barbie

#8:. Prezzo and Chagga Barbie

When this one ended, Prezzo was on the receiving end of tirades about him being broke and constantly relying on women for financial support. It was a rather hilarious one given Prezzo was caught so flat-footed, he only realized he was the subject of trolling in Tanzania after the fact.

7. Prezzo and Daisy Kiplagat

#7:. Prezzo and Daisy Kiplagat

This was a match made in heaven, or so it seemed. It culminated in a fairy tale wedding but the marriage wasn’t worth the flour used to bake the cake as things went off the rails so fast we couldn’t help but watch and wonder where the rain had started beating Prezzo and Daisy Kiplagat.

And with the accusations levelled against him over infidelity, Prezzo soon found himself on Deadbeat Kenya being accused of being a deadbeat father. So sad how love quickly turns to something far worse than hate.

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