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10 of the Worst & Embarrassing Kenyan Celebrity Break-Ups EVER! [Take a Look @ them]

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4. Willy Paul and Leila

#4:. Willy Paul and Leila

This is just a well worn story by now. We all know this story that came complete with printscreens and audio evidence of Willy Paul attempting to coerce a lass he had a brief fling with into procuring an abortion right?

Our Father who art in heaven indeed!

3. Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu

#3:. Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu

This was the power couple indeed. And it all ended abruptly. Why? Rumours of infidelity, it seems. One rumour has it that one of these guys was caught in bed with a thrid party and all hell broke loose.

And they were engaged too!

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