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These are the 6 Main Demons that are Killing Kenyan KIKUYU Musicians of Recent

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In the course of the last 1 year, famous Kikuyu vocalists have been leaving the stage never to stroll up on it again.It has been a trying times for the Kikuyu musical fraternity. Kikuyu artists who were once the best in the game are no more making headlines. Majority of them have passed on strangely while others have dropped into obscurity,unable to hold the mic anymore or strum a guitar as marvelously as they used.

With time, their has been a quick and disheartening disappearance of Mugithi Maestros and they no longer have the wizardry they used to gloat of,they’re no more pulling in the monstrous crowds they once used to. The appeal is no more.

Two months ago,thousands of troubled Kikuyus congregated in some humble town in Subukia, Nakuru County to attend the burial service of a man who came to be broadly known as the King of Mugithi,Salim Junior.

Salim controlled a huge swathe of the Kikuyu musical landscape,churning out hit after hit,some really unpublishable songs full of the most atrocious sexual innuendo.So popular was he that President Uhuru Kenyatta contributed a staggering half a million shillings for his funeral.

Before his demise,yet another one passed away,the equally popular Murimi wa Kahalf he who popularized the slang word ‘Momo’ immortalized in his eponymous song ‘Ino ni Momo’.

Wa Kahalf’s death,just like that of most a Kikuyu musicians’, was shrouded in mystery and controversy. It also has to be remembered that Murimi was quite young when he died… Maybe as young as Salim Junior.

So what is KILLING Kikuyu singers? What is making them irrelevant and making them lose their mojo? Their touch? Their glory?. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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