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These are the 6 Main Demons that are Killing Kenyan KIKUYU Musicians of Recent

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#3:. Rivalry

These singers,just like any other batch of vernacular singers,are usually very jealous of each other’s success and mostly end up setting each other up for failure using many dirty tricks that sometimes include witchcraft, poisoning or even planned murder.

Not wanting to be outshone,their rivals plot death and evil for them thus totally finishing them and eradicating them from the market. It’s a very dirty, dangerous world surrounded by the most wicked,conniving colleagues with the illest intentions of any soul

#4:. Promiscuity

Promiscuity is the habit of having way too many sexual partners and these singers are well known for that. Given that they make massive amounts of cash,live flashy lives and perform almost every weekend,these singers,who command a very huge fan base across Central Kenya,mostly end up with many women for sex after their nocturnal shows.

Most of the women who sleep with these musicians are mostly broke,dirty hangers-on… Old,promiscuous freeloaders who sleep with anyone and anything for money or social advancement. And also,most of these women, including the aforementioned Sugar Mummies,actually have HIV/AIDS and they are responsible for passing on the deadly virus to a section of these famous entertainers. And we all know what happens when all of these sexual diseases catch up with you…

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