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These are the 6 Main Demons that are Killing Kenyan KIKUYU Musicians of Recent

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#5:. Mismanagement

90% of these singers don’t know how to manage their finances and mostly end up broke and penurious even after a decade of a successful run in the business.. Most of them also,are surrounded by ‘Yes Men’ and way too many freeloaders who live off them,exploiting them and using them for their monies as long as they’re still hot and popular.

Unlike a few of them who’ve ventured into business and made quite a fortune for themselves,some of the Kikuyu musicians have totally disregarded the concept of savings and therefore have ended up lost and mired in debts and an inability to rise up from their obvious financial predicament.

#6:. Family

Like any typical man,who has the means and the abilities,most Kikuyu singers have found themselves with more than one wife and this has been a problem for the smooth running of their careers.

These women,who have many children, some legitimate others illegitimate,have been locked up in many wars and brutal matrimonial fights with each other over the love, attention,wealth and fortunes of their man. And owing to these fights and cross-wife jealousies,then trouble always crops up and it, in severe cases,leads up to death and dirty tricks meted out against the singer.

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