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7 Major Causes of Low S P’ÉRM Count in MEN [..Almost Every Man is Guilty of #3]

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#5:. Alcohol

In a study of men with poor s pe.,rm quality, excessive alcohol consumption was associated with a decrease in the number of normal spe.,rm.

#6:. Hyperthermia (overheating)

The testicles need to keep the s pe.,rm at a healthy temperature (which is less than the body’s temperature). It is thought that this may be in part why the male reproductive organs are external. Heat is known to damage s pe.,rm, so it may be best to avoid repeated exposure to activities that may elevate the temperature of the testicles.

Examples are frequent use of saunas or hot tubs. In addition, tight underwear like briefs can keep the testicles from being able to hang and regulate their temperature. Boxers could be an alternative to briefs.

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